Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Winchester Model 94 explained -

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Ebook's Content

Disassembly procedure Part I

Disassembly procedure Part II

Disassembly procedure Part III

Disassembly procedure Part IV

Advanced dismounting - breechblock

Advanced dismounting - lower tang assembly

Advanced dismounting - locking bolt & finger lever

Functioning - magazine loading & breech bolt

Functioning - cartridge chambering

Functioning - the safeties

Functioning - trigger work & cartridge deflector

Other resources
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Winchester 94

Winchester 1894

Winchester carbine 94

Winchester 94 disassembling

Winchester carbine

Winchester model 94

Winchester .44 Mag.

Winchester 94 in .44 Magnum

Winchester 30.30

Winchester commemorative

Winchester lever action

Winchester 1894 rebounding hammer

Winchester 94

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The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms :

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