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The Colt small caliber pistols explained -

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The Colt "Vest Pocket" Pistol

- Based on a 1905 Browning design for FN (Belgium)
- First prototype appeared in 1907
- A striker used instead of a hammer and firing pin
- Mechanical features
- How the safeties work
- Thumb safety - grip safety - magazine safety

Operation of the Colt "Vest Pocket" Pistol
- Firing cycle explained
- The 6,35 mm Browning or .25 ACP cartridge
- Dismounting of the Colt "Vest Pocket"
- Collector's corner
- Markings and serial numbers
- 1958, a new "Vest Pocket" of Spanish Astra design
- Production figures of the "Junior"

The Colt "Woodsman"
- Early developments
- George Tansley and Francis Chadwick
- The Colt Target Model becomes "The Woodsman" in 1927
- 1935, the "Sport Model Woodsman"
- 1938, the "Match Target Woodsman"
- Post War II developments
- 1947, the "Woodsman New Model"
- May of the same year, a "Match Target" version
- 1950, the low cost "Challenger" model
- Production figures of the first series of "Woodsman".
- Production of the "Match Target" model
- Production of the "Woodsman Target" and "Sport"
- Production of the "Match" 2e & 3e series
- Production of the "Challenger", "Huntsman" and "Targetsman"

Mechanical features of the Colt "Woodsman"
- Principal parts of the "Woodsman"
- Trigger mechanism
- Breechblock and slide
- Main spring housing
- How the "Woodsman" works
- The thumb safety

Dismounting the Colt "Woodsman"
- The locking plunger
- Removing the main spring housing
- Removing the slide
- Dismounting the slide's components
- Dismounting the receiver's components

Operation of the Colt "Woodsman"
- Loading the magazine
- All the steps of the firing cycle

The Colt "Ace" in caliber .22 LR
- The reason for its development
- Production period
- The adjustable rear sight
- The operation of the Colt "Ace"
- Mechanical features
- Production figures

Colt "Service Model Ace" in caliber .22 LR
- The system known as a "floating chamber"
- Functioning of the Colt "Service Model Ace"
- How the process multiplies the recoil by four
- Production figures of the Colt "Service Ace Model"
- "Service Model Ace" conversion unit in caliber .22 LR
- Production figures of the conversion unit .45 ACP to .22 LR
- Conversion unit variations
- Parts and markings of the conversion unit
- The .38 Super receiver modification to accept a C.U.
- A new conversion unit labelled "ACE II"

A new Colt pistol in caliber .22 LR
- Colt introduces a new .22 LR pistol in 1994
- Mechanical features of the new Colt .22 LR pistol
- Short barrelled version (4 1/2")
- Target version with a 6-inch barrel
- Light dot sights by C-More Systems

Dismounting the new .22 LR Colt pistol
- Disassembly steps
- An Allen wrench is required
- The striker safety
- Accidental release of the striker
- Further dismounting steps
- need for a screw driver with a star shaped tip
- Specific tricks
- Magazine disassembly

How the new .22 LR Colt pistol works
- Blowback and single action
- The sear mechanism
- The trigger mechanism
- The firing cycle - step by step
- The disconnecting device
- Trigger tuning
- Sear safety details

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The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms :

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