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The Luger pistol mechanical features -

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The Luger toggle lock system

- How the Luger toggle lock works
- Why is the toggle rear link's tail essential
- What will happen if the toggle tail is removed
- The Luger firing process (with animated technical drawing)
- How to determine if a Luger has fired a lot of rounds.

- The recoil buffer and how the toggle works
- The forward toggle link extension lever
- The classic jam
- What happens if the forward toggle link extension lever is suppressed

Troubles with the Luger
- The Achilles heel
- Troubles with the hold-open device

On the plus side of the ledger
- Positive feeding and extraction
- Constant headspace from shot to shot
- Uniform ignition
- The Colt .45 wears at 10 times the rate of the Luger
- Grip shape and chamber loaded indicator

Loading the Luger
- Loading combinations
- Recommended loads
- Fine pre-WW I Lugers loads
- 1930's Mauser Luger adapted for heavier loads
- A highly recommended precaution
- The real secret of loading ammunition for the Luger
- A practical way to shape bullets

Trigger pull
- The system is a target for criticism
- One area that requires attention
- The sear bar engaging surface
- Parts that must be smooth
- A loose side plate

Luger sights and their maintenance
- Luger sights were made in various heights
- Typical sighting tools
- Rear sight V or U notch
- Maintenance

Basic safety
- Two current safety systems
- 1916 sear alteration

Unusual Luger safety devices
- The "Schiwy Sicherung"
- The "Walther Sicherung"

Luger P08 field stripping

Luger P08 advanced dismounting

Luger P08 parts dimensions (I)
- Barrel
- Front sight
- Breechblock
- Forward toggle link and pins
- Rearward toggle link and pin

Luger P08 parts dimensions (II)
- Barrel extension
- Frame

Luger P08 parts dimensions (III)
- Hold-open latch
- Cover plate
- Trigger and spring
- Sear and spring
- Striker with guide and spring
- Extractor
- Ejector
- Toggle connecting link
- Recoil spring and guide

Luger P08 parts dimensions (IV)
- Manual safety lever
- Sear safety
- Takedown lever and spring
- Magazine catch and spring
- Grip plates and retaining screw

Ebook screen prints

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

Luger pistol

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The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms :

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