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The FN Browning pistols Model 1910 & 1922 -

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Field dismounting of the FN Model 1910

- First way (quick, simple, but partial)
- Second way (includes removing of the barrel)

Advanced dismounting of FN Model 1910
- Total breakdown to the last pin
- Parts legend

Mechanical features of the FN Model 1910
- John Browning's unique way
- Comparison with the Walther Mod. 4 and FN Browning 1900
- Easy adaptation of a silencer
- Other former patented features retained
- Striker instead of hammer and firing fin
- Triple safety system
- General features

Firing cycle of the FN Model 1910
- Animated sequence of the firing cycle
- Trigger-sear operation
- Disconnection explained
- Multifunction main spring
- Re-connection - animated sequence
- Extraction and ejection
- Breech face analysed

The safeties of the FN Model 1910
- Grip safety operation
- Magazine safety explained
- Thumb safety explained
- Cocking indicator

Historical analysis of an early FN Model 1910
- Liège proofhouse markings
- Proofhouse inspectors by letter and dates until 1968
- Belgian military markings
- Cocking indicator
- German Nazi markings

Technical and legal disabling under Belgian and French rules
- FN Model 1910 disabled under the Belgian law
- Technical details
- FN Model 1922 disabled under the French law
- Technical details
- Proof markings of Saint Etienne, France

FN Browning model 1922
- Field stripping and technical particularities
- Not interchangeable slides of the postwar period
- Slide markings
- Yugoslavian orders
- Dutch orders
- Secondary foreign contracts
- Nazi production of the Model 1922
- Early postwar production of the Model 1922

Analysis of a special Model 1922
- Uncommon grip safety
- Barrel Nazi marking

Postwar redesign of the Model 1910 and 1922
- Post war slide detailed
- Ammunition and shooting
- 7.65 mm cartridge improved

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The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms :

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