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Post 80 Colt pistols -

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Colt Pistols - Series 80 General Features

- A comparison of the 1911 A1 and the Colt Series 80 pistols
- The internal mechanism
- The firing pin safety features
- New parts

Colt Commander and Officer - Series 80
- The Commander model
- The Officer model
- The bell shaped barrel
- The Officer model barrel bushing
- The way the recoil spring bushing is dismounted
- The gun stripping differs from that of the Government model
- The way the firing pin is dismounted
- The extractor of the Series 80
- Why the Colt Officer shoots very accurately
- The hammer half-cock notch with no retaining ledge

Colt "Gold Cup" & "Gold Cup Trophy"
- The "Gold Cup National Match" models of the Series 80
- A second recoil spring of weaker strength
- A magazine fitted with a spring shaped follower
- The "Gold Cup Trophy" pistols
- The trigger is fitted with an adjustable screw
- What can happen after fine tuning the trigger travel
- Upon a close inspection
- Tuning of the "Elliason" adjustable rear sight

Colt "Gold Cup" Particulars
- A special device to prevent hammer rebound
- The hammer of the "Gold Cup" is different
- The sear-hammer engagement in the "Gold Cup"
- A special sear nose
- The trigger's weight can be sufficient to free the hammer
- How the sear depressor works
- Parts shown from the rear of the gun

Combat & Delta Models
- Colt "Combat" model
- "Special Combat" model
- The "Carry Model"
- The "Combat Target" (1997)
- "Special Combat Government Competition" model
- The 10 mm auto cartridge
- The "Delta" model "Gold Cup" - stainless version

Double Eagle Models - Series 90
- Colt's first double action auto pistol
- The technical options
- "Double Eagle" characteristics
- The first version
- The "Combat Commander" version
- The "Officer" version (1991)
- The "Double Eagle's" slide on a "Government" frame
- Inadvertant fitting of a slide on the wrong pistol

How does the "Double Eagle" works
- The trigger mechanism
- An exposed spring which does not inspire confidence
- The trigger is an example of simplicity
- Direct actuating of the hammer
- When the gun is used in single action mode
- Position of the trigger mechanism just before firing
- The moment when disconnection occurs

The "Double Eagle" safeties
- The double action acts as a safety
- The only safety is the firing pin safety
- The way the safety lever is actuated
- The removal of the firing pin safety
- A hammer dropping device
- A hazardous situations if ...
- Two levers implied
- The hammer is caught by the sear
- If the trigger is depressed during the dropping process
- The uncluttered inner space of the frame
- A Problem with dismounting the main spring housing

Colt Model 1991 A1 and MK IV
- In 1991, an updated version of the 1911 A1
- In 1992, a "Compact" version of the M1991 A1
- In 1993, a "Commander" version of the M1991 A1
- in 1994, an "Officer" version
- In 1998, a new series of improved (MK IV) pistols in .45 ACP
- The Government MK IV model (5" barrel)
- The "Combat Commander MK IV" model (4 1/4" barrel)
- The "Concealed Carry Officer MK IV" model
- The Colt "Defender" (3" barrel)

The Colt "All American Model 2000"

- When a Colt is not a Colt
- Based on the patents of Reed Knight
- A commercial bust
- Synthetic materials in its structure
- A lock based on a rotating barrel
- John Browning's conception of such a pistol
- A story of bad luck with my own Colt 2000 ...

Particulars of the Colt Model 2000
- The Colt 2000 was offered in two versions
- Optional kit with a shorter barrel
- A barrel bushing that allows for ez modifications
- Optional low light sights with a luminous Tritium 3-dot insert
- Field stripping
- A surprise when the slide is dismounted
- Upon a thorough inspection
- Two small areas of support for the slide
- The use of a polygonal key to dismount grip plates
- An ambidexter magazine retaining latch

Colt Model 2000 Mechanical Features
- A rotating barrel lock
- Barrel lug engages "cam block"
- Cam block's other important functions
- Upon firing ...
- No hammer, just a spring-loaded striker
- The Colt 2000 works in double action mode only
- How the trigger system works
- In an old alarm clock, such a part ...
- The trigger-striker operation
- The striker safety

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