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The Luger pistol various producers

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Content of the E-book

Luger pistol producers

- Who produced Luger pistols
- German Map with locations

Erfurt Lugers - Historic details

- The arsenal's origin
- The production strategy
- From Erfurt to ERMA
- Detailed production board

Markings on Erfurt Lugers

- Three types of crowns can be found
- A host of various control stamps
- The Crowned RC, standing for "Revisions Commission"
- A Crowned P marking
- Unit markings are also found

An Erfurt Luger back from East Germany

- An ERFURT Luger that had a very long service life
- The pistol was drafted into service in East Germany
- The pistol was modified during the thirties
- New proof markings were applied
- A unit marking which relates to the Düsseldorf Police
- The police administrative district codes

The Royal Spandau Arsenal

- Initially, Spandau was a fortress
- DWM Lugers were checked by Spandau inspectors
- Lugers whose toggle was struck with a Spandau crowned logo
- The so-called "production" is estimated at about 200 pistols
- If all of these pieces are not fakes ...

The Vickers Lugers

- Vickers & Co.which was founded at Sheffield (England) in 1823
- An activity, oriented toward war battleship building
- Vickers was to handle a Dutch contract for Luger pistols
- These Lugers were proofed under English law
- The English firearms regulation

The Simson Lugers

- The firm SIMSON & Co, Waffenfabrik , Suhl, Thuringia
- Simson acquired the ERFURT arsenal machinery
- The rework of the pistols still available in remaining inventories
- Simson Lugers were very similar to ERFURT's
- The Simson markings
- A total Luger production estimated at around 25,000 pistols
- The "Simson & Co" marking replaced by a single "S"
- In 1934, the firm was dismantled by the Nazis

Krieghoff Lugers - Historic details

- In 1886, Ludwig Krieghoff founded a sporting guns factory
- Ludwig had two sons named Ludwig Jr. and Heinrich
- Among its military oriented projects was a semi-automatic rifle
- The H. Krieghoff company commercialized DWM Lugers
- The rear face of the frame struck "KRIEGHOFF SUHL"
- An order of 10,000 Luger pistols for the "Luftwaffe"
- Luger production means were tooled by the firm's engineers
- Only Krieghoff Lugers bear "Luftwaffe" acceptance markings
- A small quantity of Lugers sold on the commercial market
- Today the firm KRIEGHOFF is based at ULM

Krieghoff Lugers - Military production

- It only represents a total of some 13,825 pieces
- The "G" and "S" chamber codes
- Military production figures detailed by serial ranges
- The original contract of 10,000 pieces
- The 1940 production
- The complementary 1940 - 1944 production
- The last delivery of 1944 - 45

Krieghoff Lugers - Commercial production

- A capital "P" prefix letter along with the serial number
- Commercial production figures detailed by serial ranges
- Production figures detailed by serial ranges
- The first group, from P1 to P999
- The second group includes some fifty pistols
- The last group begins with serial number P1060 until P1280
- When the Krieghoff's plant was "liberated" by the US troops
- The Krieghoff made Lugers are easily identified
- A "fzs" code was given to Krieghoff

Krieghoff Military Production Markings

- The inspectors were accredited by the "Luftwaffe"
- The inspection process covered two stages
- The problem of incorrect headspace
- A four or five pointed star rejection mark
- Aside from the "Luftwaffe" acceptance markings
- The still mysterious "Kü" Lugers
- The LA or ZA or LZA marking

Mauser - Historic details

- The Mauser legacy began in the modest circumstances
- The brothers, Paul and Wilhelm Mauser
- Their rifle officially adopted as the "Infanteriegewehr Modell 1871"
- The Mauser brothers founded their first factory, in 1872
- Around 1875, the Mauser company began to develop a revolver
- The semi-automatic pistol had appeared on the scene
- The pistol was called the "C96"
- The 1907-1914 era : A growing interest for small caliber pistols
- On May 30, 1922, the company's name was changed
- In 1932, a new model, sometimes called the "712", was launched
- In 1937, a new model appeared : The Hsc

Mauser Lugers - Commercial production

- During the years 1930 through 1934
- The serial suffix letters : "s"," t" and "u"
- An order by the firm A. F. Stoeger, of New York
- Stoeger sole agent for DWM's after Hans Tauscher had left
- The major part of the production delivered to German Police
- Dates codes like "K"(1934), "G" (1935)
- Commercial production figures by serial ranges and customers

Mauser Lugers - Commercial Foreign Contracts

- The Portuguese Lugers
- The Latvian Lugers
- The Dutch Lugers
- The Siamese Lugers
- The Swedish Lugers
- The Turkish Lugers
- The Persian Lugers
- Commercial Lugers 1934/06

Mauser Military Lugers

- Military production figures by serial ranges and markings
- The Lugers S/42 (K)
- The Lugers S/42 (G)
- The Lugers S/42 (1936 - 1939)
- The Lugers 42 (1939-1940)
- The last variations "byf" 41 and 42

The Last Mauser Lugers

- The last -1942- Mauser Luger
- The Luger "byf / 42" serial nummer 3061n
- An entwined "RW" marking
- Recent Mauser production

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The ebook is instantly downloadable here :
You can download it into your hard drive, and run it at once.
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