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The German MP40 submachine gun explained -

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Ebook's Content

Foreword - WWI Historic recall

- Hugo Schmeisser
- The first true Machine Pistol or Sub-machine gun
- Heinrich Vollmer
- Hugo Schmeisser and the design of the Sturmgewehr
- A note on designations
- World War One Historical Background
- The trench warfare
- "Stossen" Shock Troops
- Von Ludendorf's offensives
- The Stossen Truppen had shown the way

Hugo Schmeisser and the Bergmann MP18.I
- A requirement for a close quarters combat weapon
- Luger long with the 32 round drum magazine
- A modied LP08 for burst fire
- A machine fire version of the C96 pistol
- Andreas Schwarzlose
- "Maschinen Pistole" 18
- "Maschinen pistole" 18, variant I
- Hugo Schmeisser and Bergmann
- Hugo Schmeisser and C.G. Haenel
- Haenel Schmeisser MP 28.II
- Anciens Etablissements Pieper in Herstal, Belgium
- Bergmann "Maschinen Karabiner" MP 34/1 and the MP35/1
- C.G. Haenel became VEB Ernst Thalman Works

Heinrich Vollmer Machine Pistols
- Vollmer invented a beltless feed for the MG08/15
- Earlier in 1925, Vollmer designed a machine pistol
- In 1929, Vollmer designed and manufactured a self-loading rifle
- Vollmer Machine Pistol 1925
- Vollmer Machine Pistol 1926
- The final Vollmer Machine Pistol 1930
- A long barrelled carbine version with a telescoping monopod
- The Vollmer Erma Machine Pistols
- The first designation may have been EMP 35
- Second, transitional, and third models
- French Silenced Model
- "Machinen Pistole" Erma MP740(f)

The Erma EMP Model 36
- Erma, with Vollmer's assistance, decided to modernise the EMP
- The machine pistol EMP36

The development of the MP38
- An "overnight" demand for machine pistols
- Erma were requested to design a suitable machine pistol
- The design was revised to allow mass production
- The MP38 fired full automatic only
- The early MP38 technical features
- Blank firing attachment and silencer
- The safety strap on the cocking handle
- MP38 "Gemischt" model
- MP38 components detailed

The introduction of the MP40
- The MP40 was designed for more economical mass production
- Albert Speer
- MP40 technical features
- MP40 first version components
- The "mündungshoner"

The MP40 Variations
- The second variation of the MP40
- The third variation of the MP40
- The fourth variation of the MP40
- The Winterabzug
- The fifth variation of the MP40
- The sixth variation of the MP40
- The seventh variation of the MP40

The Erma MP40/1 and MP44
- Maschinen Pistole 40/1 Double Magazine Model
- MP40/1 mechanical features
- The Erma "Maschinen Pistole" 44
- Construction was from steel tubes and pressed sheet metal

The Haenel Schmeisser MP41
- Based on the MP28.II and the MP40
- The MP41 was a somewhat retrograde step
- MP41 markings

Receiver and Magazine Manufacturers' Codes
- Waffenant Senior inspector's stamps
- Producers' codes
- Magazines pouches
- "Magazinefuller"
- Magazines types and codes
MP40 Components
- Iso view of the components
- Grip construction changes
- Phantom view of the gun

MP40/38 Complete Disassembling
- 49 pictures explained (until the last pin)

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The Greatest list of E-BOOKS on firearms :

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