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Early Colt semi-auto pistols 1900 - 1902 - 1903 -

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Early patents of the Browning semi-auto pistols

- Patent #580923 - gas-operated toggle system
- Patent #580925 - Rotary barrel
- Patent #580926 - Blow back pistol
- Patent #580924 - Short recoil unlocking

Early production of the Colt semi-auto pistols

- Comparing the early Colt 1900 of production vs Patent #580, 924
- .38 ACP cartridges vs .38 Super
- The firing pin safety
- New firing pin and dovetailed rear sight
- Navy contract Model 1900

Features of the Colt 1900 pistol

- 200 pistols ordered by the US Army
- Field stripping of the model 1900
- Usual markings on the Colt 1900 commercial
- Model 1900 with finger grooves located at the front
- Upgraded slide and round hammer
- Colt Model 1900 parts nomenclature

The Colt 1900 pistol for the U.S. Military

- 1900 test results with the Colt 1900 pistol
- First Army contract chart
- U.S. Navy specific markings
- First U.S. Navy contract chart
- US Army second contract

The Colt .38 "Sporting Model"

- Early Sporting Model
- The slide Patent markings
- Slide serrations
- Hammer profile
- Grip plates
- Magazines
- Takedown bushing
- Colt "Verified Proof" marking
- Sporting Model production chart
- Estimated quantities by variation

The Colt 1902 "Military"

- Lengthening of the grip
- Recoil spring buffer block
- Concave recoil spring plug
- Hold open latch
- Modified magazine follower
- 1902 Military Model Production Chart
- Slide markings
- Variations by year and serial number

The Colt Pocket 1903 in caliber .38 ACP

- Colt Pocket 1903 variations
- Estimated quantities by variation
- Variations by year and serial number

Field dismounting of the Colt 1902 "Military"

Disassembling the barrel and recoil spring

- The forward barrel cross pin under pressure
- The barrel swivels
- Special attention when removing the forward barrel retaining pin
- At the bottom of the recoil spring tunnel

Disassembling the grip components

- The ejector
- The hold-open latch
- Removal of the magazine catch and multi-purpose spring
- Disconnector and sear
- The hammer assembly

Disassembling the slide components

- The rear sight
- The inertial firing pin
- The extractor
- Parts of the Colt "Military" 1902

Firing cycle of the Colt 1902 Military

- Barrel locking and unlocking
- A pair of pivoting links
- Barrel ribs and slide grooves
- The holdopen latch

Trigger work and safeties of the Colt 1902 "Military"

- No conventional manual safety
- The first hammer notch
- The trigger extension does not bear directly against the sear
- How the multi-purpose spring works
- Action of the disconnector

Ebook screen prints

webley mark VI revolver

webley mark VI revolver

webley mark VI revolver

webley mark VI revolver

webley mark VI revolver

webley mark VI revolver

Adams revolver

French Service Revolver Mod. 1873-74 Chamelot Delvigne

webley mark I revolver cartridge

Enfield Mark II revolver

webley mark I revolver

webley mark II revolver

webley mark III revolver

webley revolver

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This e-book is instantly downloadable here :
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